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Tongwei Group Szechwan Filiale’s Production Base
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         In April 26th 2016, its base ceremony on stream was held in Meishan, and its production capacity can reach 600 thousand tons.

       The project covering 20 acres started in September 2014. Its structure area reaches 58,000 square meters. There are three workshops as the premix, aquatic feed, livestock and poultry feed. The annual production capacity can reach to 60 million tons including 10 high-grade full-automatic production lines, which is introduced by Swiss Buhler.

       Now, across promoting innovation vigorously, the group is striving becoming the green food and energy supplier all over the world by combing the advantages of agriculture and new energy.



         Tongwei group chairman of the board of directors Mr. Liu Hanyuan accompanied the guests to visit important Tongwei road "cultural corridor

       Sichuan province CPPCC Vice Chairman Chen Wenhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC Sichuan Province, chairman of the Provincial Federation of state, Meishan city party secretary Li Jing, Meishan CPPCC Chairman Wang Yingcong, chairman of feed industry association of Sichuan province Qu Kunning, Sichuan province feed office director Zhou Zhaohua, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Bureau of aquatic products He Qiang, Meishan Federation Chairman Li Hu opsin, director Meishan City Environmental Protection Bureau Jiang Changxiao, on behalf of the Meishan City Dongpo District mayor Sun Jian and other government agencies, as well as the eleven CPPCC Standing Committee, Tongwei group chairman of the board of directors Liu Hanyuan, Tongwei Group Chairman Guan Yamei, vice chairman of Yan Hu Tong Wei shares, Guo Yizhong Tongwei president, general manager of Tongwei Huaxi District Song Gangjie, Tongwei premix area general manager Liu Rufang and other important guests attended the event.Sichuan Granville loyal dealers, farmers, Tongwei aquatic Engineering Center, Granville automation company, Chengdu Nabi biotechnology, Chengdu Sanyou pharmaceutical, Sichuan Minsheng pharmaceutical, Shenzhen run agricultural science and technology, Chengdu million spring machinery industry partners more than 1200 people witnessed the Sichuan Granville built and put into operation.

         Sichuan Granville was established on September 20, 1992, after 20 years of steady development, has become a set of feed production, research and sales as one of the large enterprises, in the process of its development and growth, witnessed the Granville and more than 110 member company's birth and growth.Today, Tongwei has become the main participants in Chinese breeding industries and agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology development and an important driving force.


            Field has great weight of a photograph: from left to right in order to Tongwei President Mr. Guo Yizhong, Tongwei group Ms. Ya Mei Guan, chairman of the board of directors, Tongwei group chairman of the board of directors of Mr. Liu Hanyuan, Tongwei vice chairman Yan Hu Mr.


          The general manager of Tongwei Huaxi District Mr. Song Gangjie, general manager of the Limited by Share Ltd Sichuan branch Mr. Li Degui Tongwei

          With the needs of market continues to expand and capacity, as well as Meishan city government planning support, Granville's $2.5 billion yuan to build new plant.The project started in September 2014, after more than two years of planning, April 2016, Sichuan Tongwei ushered in the second move.New plant is located in the Qing Mei high-speed intersection, covers an area of 120 acres, building area of 58000 square meters, by the premix, aquatic feed, livestock and poultry material three independent workshop.Company a full set of introduction international leading Swiss Buhler automatic feed processing equipment, built a full automation of high-grade feed production line 10, annual production capacity of 60 million tons (of which 10 million tons of premix, aquatic feed 20 million tons, livestock and poultry feed 30 million tons), jumped into the Western China, and the largest feed factory, professional, dedicated production of fish, pig, chicken, duck feed, pre mixed feed, to ensure better quality of product processing. It is reported that new Sichuan Granville factory built production will and Granville in Xinjin, Chengdu Qionglai, Shuangliu and other area of nearly ten aquaculture, livestock and poultry food factory of industry linkage, a strong impetus to Sichuan area aquatic products, animal husbandry and aquaculture development, improve the level of agricultural industrialization.

           Ceremony, Sichuan Province CPPCC Vice Chairman Chen Wenhua in his speech pointed out that Tongwei group as one of the Sichuan native developed the country's largest private enterprises. In recent years, in addition to enhance science breeding technology, strengthening innovative products deep processing, continue to consolidate its in the farming pastoral collar domain industry leading position in the outside, fully involved in the development of new energy industry, the two main business go hand in hand, organic combination, the development momentum of rapid.The Sichuan Granville 60 million tons of feed base completed and put into operation, marking the Tongwei group in modern agriculture scale and technological innovation development process has taken a significant step, but also convey the full confidence of aquaculture development in Sichuan Province.

          "Sichuan Granville is a microcosm of the development of Granville, long-term since, Granville adhering to the 'honesty, faith, and a' business philosophy," the pursuit of excellence, dedication society "of the enterprise purpose, fast and robust through more than 30 years, aquatic feed for 20 consecutive years of global sales of the first, become the aquaculture industry leading enterprises."Eleventh session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Tongwei group Liu Hanyuan of the board chairman, said the group is combined with agriculture and new energy double main advantages, vigorously promote the "fishing light one" model of innovation, and strive to build the world's leading green food and green energy supplier.

        After the speech ended, the participating guests together to enjoy the wonderful dance and the lion dance performances, and by Chen Wenhua, vice president and President Liu Hanyuan painting as a lion's head on the punchline.Subsequently, the provincial and municipal leaders, Granville high-rise and feed office on behalf of the came together for Sichuan Granville 60 million tons production base completed and put into production the ribbon cutting ceremony.

           Tongwei President Guo Yizhong that new Sichuan Granville factory put into the opening, not simply as a feed opening new plants, but the new development of Sichuan Granville starting point."Equivalent to the two venture, you need to think about how to usher in the next 30 years of healthy development, and how to lead customers to continue to move forward."

          The launching ceremony attracted including WCC, Chengdu Business Daily, daily in rural Sichuan, Sichuan Daily, Sichuan TV Taiwan, Tianfu morning post, China Quality News, Sichuan news network, Sichuan Sina, Tencent Dacheng network, Meishan daily, Meishan television, Meishan radio and television reported, "aquatic frontier", China fishery daily number of mainstream media, urban media, industry media arrived at the scene reported participation.