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Sieve core
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        Screen grid standard grid and expand the lattice two series more than 20 kinds of specifications, in accordance with international standard (Dimension 628 × 628,640 × 640,740 × 740,830 × 830, 1000 × 1000mm) production, but also in accordance with customer the request. Height according to different layers of material flow and feed the material way to adjust, so that can meet the production needs to ensure that the case through the normal material, saving space.

        In order to achieve long-life screen grid, with high precision, good sealing performance, easy to use and other targets on the stringent requirements of the production process. For example: a screen grid all use basswood or other high-quality timber, after boiling, steaming, the screening grid deformation cracking, durable; Second, the screen grid connected to key parts of a multi-chain riveting riveting or formal structure, At the same time the use of the four corners of aluminum or steel corners, the screening grid more reasonable force, extend the service life; Third, after sanding wood parts, so look more smooth and beautiful; Fourth, in order to increase the service life and to prevent the material screen grid blow, after bending plate inserts in the timber, and sealed with sealant; five in the core and the sieve screen frame and combined with the site, add sticky felt, strengthened the sealing effect; 6, do not use contour design screen grid , reducing the possibility of blocking material; seven monomer sieve mesh bag corners using convex structure, the upper screen grid embedded in the lower corners of the screen grid, the grid so that the upper and lower sieve into a unified whole work; eight, design the screen is inclined core structure, the sieve material more effectively avoid clogging and prolong cleanup cycle.


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